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Hobonichi A6 – MOTHER: Cast (MOTHER 3)

This techo cover is based on the Shigesato Itoi’s 2006 Game Boy Advance game, MOTHER 3. This is the first

Hobonichi A6 – Glen Plaid

This cover uses a timeless, glen plaid pattern that has a classic and sophisticated feel. The black and white color

Hobonichi A6 Candy Stripper: Sweet Bunny (Pink)

This cover has a striking impact, decorated with embroidery of bunnies. This is our second year collaborating with fashion brand

Hobonichi Lemon Squash A5 – Cousin

The Colors series is a regular part of our cover lineup, available in a variety of solid colors and always

Omiya Yogashiten Decorative Paper Envelope

We made original accessories modeled after the packaging of Omiya Yogashiten, a historical and beloved sweets shop in Kanda, Tokyo.

Hobonichi Pencil Board – Planner/Original (Animal Crossing: New Horizons)

Out of the Hobonichi Original accessories, the Hobonichi Pencil Board is one of the most popular items. Keeping it underneath

Hobonichi Weeks Cover – Liberty Fabrics: Clementina

*Weeks planner book sold separately. This Zippers cover is made from a beautiful textile from the venerable fabric brand Liberty

Hobonichi Doraemon’s Secret Gadget Memo Pad

This semicircular memo pad and clear case set is shaped like the 4D Pocket used by the manga artist Fujiko

Hobonichi Weeks Case Mokku – Gray x Yellow

This case can hold the weekly Hobonichi Techo book Weeks or Weeks Mega. The name Mokku is a play on

Hobonichi Doraemon’s Clear Stamp (How is your day?)

These clear stamps feature images from Doraemon, a manga series by the celebrated manga artist Fujiko F. Fujio. They include

Hobonichi Clear Cover “Stripes” for A5 Size

Cover on Cover is an optional, extra covering that fits select Hobonichi Techo covers to protect them from wear and