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Sailor Professional Gear FIRE / Slim Fountain Pen

The Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fire Special Edition offers Sailor quality and bold style at a highly affordable price. Provided

Sailor Professional Gear FIRE / Standard Fountain Pen

Introducing the Sailor Professional Gear Fire Fountain Pen The story of Prometheus tells us of the importance of fire. The

Sailor Progear 14K Gold With Rhodium Plating Supernova

A follow up to the wildly popular Purple Cosmos, the Sailor Pro Gear Slim Red Supernova is being produced in

Sailor Ink Studio

Each ink is represented by a 3 digit number ranging from 023 to 973. There are of course 899 numbers

Sailor Progear 14K nib Supernova

The Sailor Professional Gear  Supernova fountain pen has been limited to only 800 pens worldwide in 2019. Made from a

Sailor Shikiori Brush Pen Set of 20 Colors

* Double-ended markers including a finer tip. * Colors: 20 colors * Brand: SAILOR

Sailor High Ace Calligraphy Pen

The Sailor Hi-Ace Neo is a simple fountain pen design with a surprisingly fine stainless steel nib. No-nonsense plastic barrel

Sailor Gold Plated Converter

This Sailor piston converter features gold trim and a black knob. Use it to fill the fountain pens listed under

Sailor Shikiori Brush Pen

Ink: Water based dye ink Twin tip: Brush tip + Fine tip Pen body material: PP Recycle Resin and PC

Sailor Pigmented Ink Cartridge

Sailor Kiwa-Guro Black Pigment ink, Souboku Blue-Black Pigment Ink, and Sei-Boku Blue Pigment Ink (also known as Nano inks) are

Sailor Pigma Ink 50 mL

This bottle of high quality Ultra Black Nano Ink, also known as Kiwa-Guro, contains 50 ml of water resistant ink.

Sailor Shikiori Inks

Sailor’s Shikiori (“Four Seasons”) line of fountain pen inks features vibrant and unique colors inspired by the beauty of each