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Sailor PRO GEAR II REALO Fountain Pen Black w/Gold trim 21K Gold

18,195.00 14,556.00
Finish: Resin body Cap: Gold Trim Trim: Gold Trim Nib: Bi-color 21K Gold with Gold Rhodium Plating Length: 13.8 cm

Sailor 1911 GT Naginata Fude

33,995.00 27,196.00
Fude de Mannen, Fude meaning “bent” in Japanese and Mannen “fountain pen”, a very suitable name for this nib. It provides

Sailor 1911 GT Naginata Emperor

35,995.00 28,796.00
21k Gold Nib Smooth black polished barrel and cap Iconic Sailor classic 1911 shape in large size Diameter: 17mm Length:

Sailor 1911 GT Naginata Cross Music

44,995.00 35,996.00
The Naginata Cross Music is a double-layered nib with a unique cross point on the tip. This nib is an “architect” type

Sailor 1911 GT Naginata Cross Concord

41,995.00 33,596.00
The Naginata Cross Concord is equipped with a fine writing, double-layered nib with a cross-point design on the tip. It provides broad

Sailor 1911 GT Naginata Crosspoint

41,995.00 33,596.00
Naginata Cross-point nib comparable to writing with a brush pen Line width extremely responsive to angle of the pen 24

Sailor Cartridge Pigmented Ink – Seiboku

395.00 316.00
Sailor Kiwa-Guro Black Pigment ink, Souboku Blue-Black Pigment Ink, and Sei-Boku Blue Pigment Ink (also known as Nano inks) are