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Sailor Shikiori Ink 20ml – Zaza

20ml square glass bottle of Sailor Shikiori Zaza blue fountain pen ink. Designed as companion inks to the Sound of Rain fountain pens that Sailor released in 2021, these inks are named for the different sounds that rain makes as it falls. The rushing storms of summer can be found in the sweet blue of Zaza, mirroring the ‘sound of rushing water.’A set of small stickers with the name of the ink are included for labeling your ink converter, so you can always remember what ink you’re using.This smooth-flowing water-based dye ink is specifically formulated to be safe for all fountain pens.Sailor’s Shikiori (“Four Seasons”) line of fountain pen inks features vibrant and unique colors inspired by the beauty of each season in Japan.

Sailor Shikiori Ink 20ml – Postupotsu

20ml square glass bottle of Sailor Shikiori Potsupotsu fountain pen ink. Designed as companion inks to the Sound of Rain fountain pens that Sailor released in 2021, these inks are named for the different sounds that rain makes as it falls. The cold ‘pitter-patter’ of a brisk winter rain is captured in the icy lilac of Potsupotsu.A set of small stickers with the name of the ink are included for labeling your ink converter, so you can always remember what ink you’re using.This smooth-flowing water-based dye ink is specifically formulated to be safe for all fountain pens.Sailor’s Shikiori (“Four Seasons”) line of fountain pen inks features vibrant and unique colors inspired by the beauty of each season in Japan.  

Sailor Shikiori Ink 20ml – Harahara

20ml square glass bottle of Sailor Shikiori Harahara fountain pen ink. Designed as companion inks to the Sound of Rain fountain pens that Sailor released in 2021, these inks are named for the different sounds that rain makes as it falls. The colors of Autumn reflect back in the smoky mauve color of Harahara, or ‘drizzle.’A set of small stickers with the name of the ink are included for labeling your ink converter, so you can always remember what ink you’re using.This smooth-flowing water-based dye ink is specifically formulated to be safe for all fountain pens.Sailor’s Shikiori (“Four Seasons”) line of fountain pen inks features vibrant and unique colors inspired by the beauty of each season in Japan.

Sailor Shikiori Ink 20ml – Shitoshito

20ml square glass bottle of Sailor Shikiori Shitoshito fountain pen ink. Designed as companion inks to the Sound of Rain fountain pens that Sailor released in 2021, these inks are named for the different sounds that rain makes as it falls. The gentle rains of spring are expressed with the light teal color of Shitoshito, meaning ‘silent and still.’A set of small stickers with the name of the ink are included for labeling your ink converter, so you can always remember what ink you’re using.This smooth-flowing water-based dye ink is specifically formulated to be safe for all fountain pens.Sailor’s Shikiori (“Four Seasons”) line of fountain pen inks features vibrant and unique colors inspired by the beauty of each season in Japan.

MIDORI Diary with Embroidered Bookmark Cat

Description ・The embroidery bookmarks in the appendix add color to the daily events ・Printed in two colors with a handwritten

Midori Stickers For Diary

Description The stickers are made of masking tape, and can be used in diaries to create beautiful pages. The sticker

Midori Diary with Sticker

Description This diary comes with decorative stickers made of masking tape. You can create a beautiful page by attaching stickers

Midori 3 Pockets Clear Folder A5 Slim Flap – White Bird

Description A5 slim size clear folder with 3 pockets for sorting documents by purpose. Can be put tickets, paper sheet

Midori 3 Pockets Clear Folder A5 Slim Flap – Leaves

Description A5 slim size clear folder with 3 pockets for sorting documents by purpose. Can be put tickets, paper sheet

MD Sticky Memo Pad- A7

Description It is a notebook type sticky notes with a cover. You can write down your flash idea anywhere you

MIDORI Letterpress Card- Birthday Congratulation

Description This is a high-quality folded card attached an envelope with an atmosphere of fine patterns expressed by letterpress printing.

MIDORI Colour Pens for Paintable Stamp 6pcs Assorted

Description ・A set of six assorted color pens to beautifully color your stamps. ・The colors have been selected based on

MD Notebook + Stand

Description This is a standing notebook which is both useful and innovative. With this notebook, the way of use of