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Herbin Creapen Cartridge

197.50 138.25
Cartridge for Creapen Refillable Brush Pen and Marker

Herbin Creapen Refillable Marker

1,125.00 787.50
For drawing and writing with a soft fine point. 3 black ink cartridges included.

Herbin Creapen Refillable Brush

1,125.00 787.50
For calligraphy with a very fine synthetic bristle. 3 black ink cartridges included.

Herbin Brause Bandzug

Square nibs for rounded (Roman, Italic, Gothic) lettering. Ink reservoir on top. Unique for the sharpness of its angles and

Herbin Ink Cartridge

Universal snap-in cartridges. Six cartridges neatly and securely packed in a cylindrical metal tin. Fits most fountain pens and rollerballs,

Herbin 10ML Bottled Ink

You can use this to test new colors. It is very handy when traveling.