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Midori LE XS Stapler – Navy Blue

This stapler folds simply by sliding the metal section on the inside. This long-selling item has been revised multiple times

Midori LE XS Glue Tape – Navy Blue

This dot-type glue tape dispenser is easy to hold and has high accuracy when cutting the tape. The front of

Midori Mini Cleaner Set

Keep your desk in tip-top condition with the Eraser Dust Mini Cleaner II! This charming little car-shaped cleaner picks up

Midori LE Mini Cleaner Set II

Keep your desk in tip-top condition with the Eraser Dust Mini Cleaner II! This charming little car-shaped cleaner picks up

Midori LE XS Compact Scissors – Navy Blue

Features a locking function to ensure blades are not extended/retracted at the wrong time. Despite the size of these blades,

Midori LE XS Cutter – Navy Blue

These box cutters feature both a clip and a tool to remove used portions of the blade. This product’s universal

Midori LE XS Measure – Navy Blue

The body of this tape measure is just 11 mm thick, but contains 1.5 meters of glass fiber tape (to

Midori LE XS Correction Tape – Navy Blue

A super cute, handy XS correction tape by Midori.  The Midori XS Correction Tape is small and handy, and it

Midori Embosser Cartridge

There’s nothing quite like the raised surface of an embossed design on paper. The Midori Embosser allows you to create

Midori MD Notebook Light A6 3pcs

MD Notebook’s “MD cream paper” is designed to provide a fine balance between a slight catch on the paper when

Midori MD Notebook B6 Slim

The high-quality Midori Diary (MD) paper inside was developed in 1960 and has been continuously improved on ever since. Midori

Midori MD Clear Cover for MD Notebook A5

Made as an add-on for the Midori MD Notebook, the MD notebook Plastic Cover A5 was made by Midori in

Midori MD Clear Cover B6 Slim

This vinyl notebook cover for the Midori MD B6 Slim Notebook keeps your notebook clean without compromising the appearance. You can also

Midori 3 Pockets Clear Folder A6 – Penguin

Midori 3 pockets help you to arrange your important documents. 

Midori Soft Pen Case

A super soft silicone pen case with silicone band for your favorite pens. The sleek profile makes it great for

Midori MD Pencil

These Midori MD Pencils match the style of the MD notebooks perfectly. Made with a soft B lead, this is

Midori MD Notebook Bag PVC Horizontal

  “MD Notebook Bag” is a new addition to Midori’s product line-up. With the “MD Notebook Bag” you can carry

Midori MD Notebook Diary 1Day 1Page 2020

A6 A5 Size H154×W112×D23mm H216×W157×D23mm Weight approx.294g approx.589g Inner Paper Annual calendar 2 pages / Monthly schedule (December 2019 ~

Midori Daily Diary 10 Years – Navy

A beautiful hardback 10 year diary by Midori. Midori present this beautiful hardback 10 year diary, navy cloth bound and

Midori MD Tote Bag Cotton

The same soft texture in a bag you can use every day. Cotton has a comfortable texture unlike any other.