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Kaweco Liliput Brass Fountain Pen

Writing System: Fountain Pen Material: Brass Colour: Brown Length posted: 12,6 cm Length closed: 9,7 cm  

Kaweco Eco Sport Pouch

The ECO pouch of Kaweco is handmade out of neat’s leather with a nice hot stamping Kaweco Logo and offers

Kaweco Ink Cartridge

Kaweco ink cartridges are available in standard international size, making them available anywhere in the world. Simply unscrew the handle

Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen Rose Gold

This pocket filler has closed only a size of 10.5 cm and can thus be easily carried in the bag

Kaweco PERKEO Fountain Pen Indian Summer

In Kaweco’s history the PERKEO dip pen appears around 1900. The catalogue of the Heidelberg dip pen factory which was