Traveler’s Notebook Regular Size Refill 009 – Repair Kit 8 Colors


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This is a kit to repair your TRAVELER’S notebook. There is a tin based charm, 6 sets of bands, and 2 stings used as a bookmark. If the band on your TRAVELER’S notebook gets cut, please use this to fix it. TRAVELER’S notebook is made simply, so it’s easy to fix and customize it. Please enjoy and take good care of the notebook by fixing it. The more you use it, the more you can see the taste appearing in the notebook.

(For both Regular and Passport sizes)

Instead of rubber 6 colors each 1m, bookmark for string two colors each 40cm, spare fitting 1 piece

6 spare band (6 colors, 1m each), 2 strings (2 colors, 40cm each), 1 tin fastener

H208 x W113mm (Package)



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