Traveler’s Notebook Regular Size Refill 020 – Kraft Paper Folder


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Or pinch together on the outside of the notebook refill, please use set on a consolidated band. Since we are using a sturdy impregnated paper, perfectly well with leather Toraberazunoto. Please to crunch houses a post card or ticket that got on the road. Moreover, it is also customize recommendations put your favorite sticker on simple craft areas.

This is a folder where you can attach it to your notebook refill. The folder itself uses impregnated paper, so it goes well with the leather cover of TRAVELER’S notebook. Please use this to store postcards and tickets. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the color and the material used for this folder goes well with your favorite sticker.

Made of impregnated paper

H210 x W222mm (open state / OPEN)


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