Traveler’s Notebook Passport Size Refill 008 – Sketch Paper Notebook


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It is drawing paper refill of passport size.

Medium paper has become a perfect drawing paper to sketch on the road. Medium paper has become a construction paper to draw even watercolour. By all means to sketch on the road. Recall childhood, while alone thoroughly face each other in the paper, why not try to draw a picture. You should be able to find a new yourself at the same time as the nostalgia. Because you are using a thick paper, it is also recommended to stamp book.

This is a Passport Size notebook refill that uses sketch paper. The papers inside consist of sketch papers that suits in drawing during one’s travels. It can even be used for water painting. With this notebook refill, we suggest a time where you can draw like the time when you were a child. We believe this may bring back your past memories and even allow you to discover your new self. Since the paper is thick, it can even be used to collect stamps.

Medium paper / Mukei, 32 pages, drawing paper (Stecher binding)

Blank, 32 pages, Sketch paper (Saddle Stitched)

H124 x W89 x D4mm



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