Traveler’s Notebook Passport Size Refill 003 – Blank Notebook


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It is non-ruled notebook refill of passport size.

Since the pure white of the paper, wrote or, or draw, or attach, or painted, please feel free to use without being tied to the frame. Since you are using the ease of writing to the original writing paper stuck (MD paper), making it difficult to omission bleeding and back in a fountain pen.

This is a Passport Size blank notebook refill. It’s a plain white paper, so please feel free to draw, write, paste, and paint whatever that comes up in your mind. The MD paper is used for this refill. MD Paper pursues the best feeling of writing, and makes ink hard to stain and sink through the other side of the paper. It goes well with fountain pens as well.

Medium paper / Mukei, 64 pages, MD Paper (Stecher binding)

Blank, 64 pages, MD Paper (Saddle Stitched)

H124 x W89 x D4mm



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